Time to be a Spiritual Badass

What does it mean to be a Spiritual Badass?  I have some ideas on what it might mean to be a Spiritual Badass,but we are going to explore this concept together.  I can tell you I love being in my power, showing up in full force, and letting my light shine.  And all this ‘badassness’ is wrapped in a  light of grace and kindness so powerful and so bright that it is hard to tell where my badass starts and my Spiritual being begins. Therein lies the gift and opportunity to learn to live as both; a spiritual being and a badass human.  Let’s rock this!

The first thing I know is that being an SB (Spiritual Being) is the exact opposite of being stuck  in BS  (yep, I’m referring to your Belief System folks.) Being in BS means not being open to possibility  and magic and ease and grace.  Being stuck in your own BS means telling the same story over and over without writing a new ending.  You know this person or maybe you are this person.  My best personal experience with this BS is when I found out I had a ‘thyroid problem’ or as I like to say “they” told me I have a thyroid problem.  I loved to tell this story to whomever would listen and even to those people who didn’t want to listen.  I loved this story because it was my excuse for everything: being fat, being tired, being depressed, being a bitch, being sick, being skinny, being a hot mess and more.  I finally got so tired of my own story I just stopped telling it. That’s it. I went from BS to SB in a heartbeat. No big ‘aha’, no coach, and no guru to thank. I just stopped telling the story.

Is it true that my thyroid and I have some relationship issues? Yep, but we’re working on it together and, by the way, it’s none of your business.  It’s my story and by telling to you it makes it our story.  The worst part about sharing my story is that you might keep the story going long after I have dropped it.  Energetically that keeps my BS alive. No thank you!

So first rule of being a Spiritual Badass (SB) drop your BS- It’s not working and that applies to even the things and situations you think ARE working.  That’s a juicy topic for another day.

I want your comments but, here’s the catch, only share the new story so that all of us reading can help perpetuate the belief system (BS ) you want and not the crap you don’t. Deal?

Now go ahead tell us your story ..  . .


One thought on “Time to be a Spiritual Badass

  1. Yes badass ! Shedding the past ,stories that could have defined me as a victim of my life. Nope. We all get the contrasting mirror letting us know what to say no to, then walkin the beauty,keeping,walking the positive intent .
    It yah connecting to something bigger than self to nourish,feed like our breath,nature, meditation, source .


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