I’m a Spiritual Badass. What does that mean?  I understand the power of the universe, Mother Earth, energy, God, quantum physics, metaphysical laws and more. Which probably makes me spiritual. I’m a badass because of the mission, commitment to stand in my own power, commit to absolute transparency, bold tenacity and fierce love for myself and others.  There is NO fighting another person or arguing about the rules; it’s easy you are either walking your truth or you aren’t. And by the way that truth is exactly what God wants for you.  NO pain inflicted on others intentionally, free of self-harm and the clarity to know how to care yourself. There’s no need to advertise your badass ( so yes that will eliminate narcissism and addiction posting your new boobs or pecs on Facebook)  This is the most complicated job you will ever have- and yet- it si so simple it is almost painful.  LEt it all fall down to yourfeel the mask, cover, addcitons, fears  YOu can pick the m up if you need them but you probably don’t.  stay with me as we explore our inner vices, outer relationships, our children, sex lives, jobs, financail health and allt hepiceces an part so fus that float in between.  This will be fascination- I promise.